Software: Desktop and Web-Hosted

The ColdTrak® Global Chain Solution includes products and services that will help you improve your cold chain efficiency through comprehensive information management and protect your financial interests by better documenting and auditing your cold chain processes.

Front-end Devices for Recording Temperature and Software

The FlashLink® CT Data Logger is a remarkably powerful and easy-to-use electronic data logger for recording critical time and temperature data during transportation and includes DeltaTrak’s Shadow Log® fail-safe feature guaranteeing data recording even if the operator fails to activate the unit. Use the In-Transit CT FlashLink Software and USB adapter to upload data from the CT Data Logger to a PC and see trip data displayed in graph or spreadsheet form. Print the data from the program, or email it to a colleague. 

User-defined alert/reminder messages can be "attached" to each key software function. Drastically reduce human operational error and costly training time.

Company standard operating procedure can be easily defined for each key software function! 

Full individual and group audit trails readily available for FDA and internal inspection

Logger data authentication safe-guards against data manipulation / tampering. 

What are the benefits of using FlashLink Data Manager? Compliance is just one of the benefits gained. Implementing electronic signatures and electronic records as specified by 21 CFR Part 11 has many other benefits including:

  • Better Quality Control – Reduce costs associated with product loss
  • Improved Efficiency – Search and find documents in a fraction of the time
  • Risk Avoidance – Be prepared for FDA inspections and minimize human error
  • Faster Time to Market – Reduce the costly time delays associated with lengthy approval cycles

FlashPDF utility software automatically creates an Adobe® PDF file from the recorded data on the logger and stores it on your PC. Just plug in the CT Data Logger to the USB adapter and the software does the rest. You can then email or print the PDF for permanent record-keeping. 

The FlashLink Data Logger and FlashLink Pro Data Logger are reusable electronic data loggers that come in a variety of temperature and temperature/humidity models. Paired with the Program Manager Software, data can be downloaded to a PC for quick analysis and the data logger reprogrammed for another use. 

FlashLink SP Wireless Manager is a remote wireless system monitoring software. It provides users the ability to monitor a FlashLink Wireless System setup from anywhere in the world, or monitor multiple system setups from one central location.

What FlashLink SP Wireless Manager Software Can Do For You:
• Keeps you informed in real-time each sensor status at any remote location
• Monitor multiple wireless monitoring system setups through one central location
• Centralized management saves you time and money
• Gives you the freedom to travel and keeps informed
• Help you meet regulatory requirements with ease
• Added product loss prevention value
• Centralized SQL or MySQL database for the ultimate data integrity
• Works with Microsoft SQL Server or MySQL Server (FREE at
• Simple software and server database setup
• Very low learning curve because FlashLink SP software operates just like the FlashLink Wireless Manager Software
DeltaTRAK SP-FileManagerForWeb(1)

Software for Downloading, Uploading, Displaying and Analyzing Data

The ColdTRak® CT Manager Software is specially designed to help download the data from the data loggers to a PC and upload the data into your account at ColdTrak Data Central, a cloud-based application for retrieving, analyzing and sharing temperature data centrally stored on our secure web server. The service is available on a monthly subscription basis for up to 5 sites with the option to purchase additional individual sites. Information can be accessed 24/7. The application enables viewing of trip data and graphs just minutes after the data loggers are downloaded at the receiving facilities. This allows receivers to take immediate action with a carrier if there is evidence of out-of-range temperature conditions and reduce loss. Advanced search and multi-graph view features help identify frequent temperature abuse patterns and improve the decision making process at the operational level.